Maria Onoeva

PhD student in linguistics


Prague, Czechia

Maria, Маша, Maruška, Mariia*

I’m a :sparkles: third :sparkles: year PhD student in General Linguistics and a research assistant at the Charles University. I explore semantics and pragmatics of polar questions with the main focus on Russian and other Slavic languages. My research is a part of the QueSlav project. The person who navigates me through my studies (aka my advisor) is Radek Šimík.

*Mariia is an ‘official’ spelling of my name on legal documents (diplomas, passport and so on). I don’t like it whatsoever, so I use Maria in publications. More about transliteration here.


Feb 9, 2024 Three QueSlav abstracts, including mine on Russian particle čto li, were accepted to the workshop Polar Question Meaning[s] across Languages in Amsterdam, very looking forward!
Dec 7, 2023 QueSlav presents the results of the eye-tracking experiments at Slavic Linguistic Colloquium on January 10, 2024 (ask Berit Gehrke or me for the Zoom link).
Nov 20, 2023 A workshop on polar questions submitted by Maria Razguliaeva (HU Berlin) and me has been accepted to The Biennial of Czech Linguistics :fairy: :fairy_woman: